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Stutman Law’s Workers’ Comp Team Obtains Maximum Recovery Allowed Under Massachusetts Law

A Massachusetts worker sustained significant injuries to his head, neck and shoulders when the 60-foot boom lift he was utilizing to demolish a sheet rock wall malfunctioned and unexpectedly lurched into the wall. The incident resulted in a multi-party lawsuit against the company that had leased the lift to the injured worker’s employer, as well as the general contractor on the construction project. Stutman Law’s client paid the injured worker workers’ compensation benefits.

Massachusetts law limits worker’s compensation carriers from asserting liens against some categories of damages. Thus, when the injured worker entered into a global settlement with the defendants in the personal injury lawsuit, Stutman Law acted to preserve its client’s rights and maximize the client’s recovery from the global settlement fund. After extensive negotiations, Stutman Law secured a recovery of over $373,000 for its client. This amount represented the maximum recovery possible for the carrier consistent with Massachusetts’ workers’ compensation laws.

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