Quick Action and Aggressive Legal Pursuit Lead to $800,000 Recovery in Spontaneous Combustion Case

After a catastrophic fire in Phoenix, Arizona caused heavy damage to a large mixed-use building insured by Stutman Law’s client, Stutman Law’s New Loss team quickly sprang into action. They secured the scene and investigated the fire’s origin and cause. After analyzing and ruling out other potential causes, Stutman Law’s investigators determined that the fire originated on the building’s deck. It was caused by the improper storage of oil and stain-soaked rags that had been utilized by a third-party maintenance company while staining the deck prior to the fire. The combustible chemicals self-ignited, and the fire spread to the deck and then to the building itself, resulting in damages of over $965,000 to the building’s owner. Stutman Law’s quick intervention and thorough investigation formed the basis of a lawsuit against the negligent maintenance company, which led to a recovery of over 80% of the client’s damages shortly after the litigation was filed.