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Mass Tort Subrogation

Stutman Law is the undisputed leader in the industry when it comes to mass tort subrogation programs and litigations. The firm has handled both catastrophic mass tort actions, including wildfires, and mass torts involving the aggregation of thousands of product liability claims. No other firm in the US has more experience in this area.

Unparalleled Experience Handling Catastrophic Events

Catastrophic losses are “single event” mass torts. Unlike “dispersed” mass torts in which products with common defects cause multiple losses, catastrophic event mass torts cause damage to numerous insureds due to a single incident. Having investigated and/or litigated many of the major catastrophes that have occurred in the United States over the last two decades, Stutman Law has unparalleled experience in obtaining significant recoveries in these types of complex cases. Regardless of whether a carrier is contending with a major wildfire, a high rise collapse, or a large industrial complex fire, Stutman Law’s Catastrophic Loss Team is ready to investigate subrogation potential immediately.

Leaders in Identifying Trends in Product Failures

Stutman Law pioneered the concept of identifying a common failure mode and grouping together claims into mass tort subrogation actions. Our firm actively identifies trends in product failures to coordinate subrogation claims that are too small to litigate on an individual basis. As a result, we are consistently at the forefront in the prosecution of mass torts. With offices and attorneys nationwide, we pursue product manufacturers across the country by identifying and utilizing a consistent theory and approach. As a result, we can achieve significant mass recoveries for our clients on cases that have historically been closed due to a lack of perceived subrogation potential or because the individual claims are too small to cost effectively litigate.

The Subrogation-Only Difference

With an exclusive focus on subrogation, you can rest assured that we’re doing everything in our power to maximize your recovery. From large property losses to small property losses to mass torts and workers’ compensation claims, you can depend on us for honest and transparent service that puts your needs first. Contact us today to report a loss or to speak with an expert about your subrogation law needs.