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Since Stutman Law’s founding in 1995, it has been our mission and purpose to pursue subrogation cases aggressively, creatively, and innovatively to achieve optimal results for our clients. Operating from strategic locations around the country, Stutman Law is organized around recovering major insurance losses wherever they occur. The firm has represented numerous insurance companies coast to coast on large losses throughout the United States. We develop specific programs for clients and cater to their everyday needs. Since our firm only handles subrogation cases, our process, people and results are not only the best in the industry, but also the best fit for our clients.

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About Stutman Law


Years exclusively handling subrogation cases


Subrogation professionals nationwide


Multimillion dollar cases handled last year


Recovered on water supply line mass torts

The Largest Subrogation-Only Law Firm in the United States

The Subrogation-Only Difference

At Stutman Law, subrogation isn’t a division of what we do – it’s all we do. Organizing our firm around a single practice area means our people and processes are uniquely equipped to handle your subrogation cases. This focus also means that our attorneys are on the cutting edge of identifying creative and innovative ways to maximize recovery potential for our clients.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve handled tens of thousands of property subrogation cases, brought claims against almost every major product manufacturer in the country, and tried numerous property cases to verdict. With attorneys throughout the United States devoted exclusively to handling property subrogation matters, Stutman Law’s specialized practice gives you the subrogation-only difference.

Conflict-Free Representation

For some firms, it’s nearly impossible to avoid potential conflicts of interest when handling multiple types of cases. Being a subrogation-only law firm means we never have a conflict of interest and can always aggressively pursue recoveries for our clients. Conflict-free also means we never take contradictory positions in court.

Trial Experience

Stutman Law’s trial attorneys have obtained significant, multi-million-dollar verdicts for insurance carriers throughout the country. We handle each case from day one as though the case will ultimately go to trial. Our process works.

We obtain subrogation jury verdicts in cases other firms rejected for lack of subrogation potential. We’ve won verdicts against companies despite waiver-of-subrogation clauses in their contracts. We can point to numerous success stories where our attorneys litigated aggressively and achieved big wins for our clients. Defendants know which firms will try cases and which ones won’t. Knowing that Stutman Law’s attorneys are always prepared to go to trial results in increased settlement offers on your cases.

Stutman Law is committed to fighting the good fight. Where countless firms lack the resources or experience, our trial lawyers are prepared to try your subrogation case in any corner of the country.

New Loss Investigations

Being a subrogation-only firm has allowed us to develop the best new loss processes and procedures in the industry. In 1998 we pioneered the concept of a ‘New Loss Department.’ It is comprised of a team of attorneys, paralegals, administrative support personnel, and our in-house investigators – all with one job: to ensure a new claim can become a recoverable claim whenever possible.

Our New Loss Team focuses on rapid mobilization the minute a loss is reported. We know losses can happen at all hours of the day, including weekends and holidays. That’s why our on-call staff is available and equipped to handle your losses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Information Security and Data Privacy

At Stutman Law, data security is a paramount concern. We go above and beyond industry standards to safeguard your information through a multi-faceted approach. This includes the use of comprehensive staff security training, rigorous change management protocols, server encryption, data loss prevention tools, and much more. By integrating these security measures, we provide uninterrupted case services while effectively minimizing the risk of compromising critical, confidential data. Your data’s protection is our steadfast commitment.

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From large property losses to small property losses, to mass torts and workers’ compensation claims, you can depend on Stutman Law for honest and transparent service that puts your needs first.

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