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Large Fire Loss Property Subrogation

As the largest subrogation-only firm in the United States, Stutman Law excels in the complex field of fire loss property subrogation. Our dedicated team promptly preserves evidence, identifies liable parties, and develops strategies for cost-effective recoveries. For nearly 30 years, Stutman Law has been at the forefront of handling some of the nation’s most substantial fire loss property subrogation cases, consistently achieving successful recoveries on multimillion-dollar losses.

Uniquely Equipped to Handle Your Large Fire Loss Property Subrogation Needs

Stutman Law has a wealth of successful trial experience, and we’re not afraid to go up against major corporations and industry players. Our extensive track record includes handling thousands of losses with damages in excess of $1,000,000, many exceeding eight figures. This level of expertise sets us apart in the subrogation industry, demonstrating our unparalleled ability to navigate complex and significant fire losses effectively.

Thorough Fire Loss Property Subrogation Investigations

Investigating a large property loss requires a structured process. Our expertise in fire loss property subrogation has allowed us to establish a national network of highly specialized investigative consultants and forensics experts, such as:

  • Fire Investigators
  • Forensic Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Surveyors Fire
  • Spread Experts

This network enables us to deploy a rapid response team to fire loss sites across the country, ensuring a thorough and timely analysis that enhances the strength of your claim. This proactive approach exemplifies our commitment to providing comprehensive and effective solutions for our clients.

Experience that Matters:

  • Thousands of Cases Expertly Handled
  • Millions Recovered Successfully
  • Three Decades of Exclusive Focus on Subrogation

Stutman Law: Your Ally in Large Fire Losses

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The Subrogation-Only Difference

With an exclusive focus on subrogation, you can rest assured that we’re doing everything in our power to maximize your recovery. It’s in your best interest and ours! From large property losses to small property losses to mass torts and workers’ compensation claims, you can depend on us for honest and transparent service that puts your needs first. Contact us today to report a loss or to speak with an expert about your subrogation law needs.