No Summer Break for Stutman Law in Arbitration Forums, Inc.

We have been working hard this summer, and our efforts have been rewarded with five new wins in Arbitration Forums, Inc. (“AFI”) since July. We were awarded 100% of our claimed damages on each case!  In just two months, these arbitration victories garnered over $250,000.00 in recoveries. The wins included property damage in New York caused by a reckless snow plow operator; separate water damage to properties in Pennsylvania and Texas caused by negligent plumbing and appliance repairs; and a fire in Texas following an improper vehicle repair.  Stutman Law’s thorough new loss investigations set our clients up to succeed in AFI.  Our work in AFI this summer has continued the longstanding trend of Stutman Law’s success in arbitration, providing  our clients with an efficient and cost effective means of obtaining subrogation recoveries.