Attorney Spotlight: Zach Groover

Since Stutman Law’s founding in 1995, we’ve aggressively and creatively handled subrogation cases to achieve optimal results for our clients as promptly as possible, and we have achieved incredible success. But none of that success is possible without the highly experienced and knowledgeable people who make up our firm. Currently, the Stutman Law team comprises 29 attorneys around the US focused solely on subrogation. This team enables us to handle large subrogation cases better than anyone in the industry.

With our Attorney Spotlight series, we want to highlight the skilled attorneys whose expertise and dedication allow our firm to achieve more for our clients.

Meet Zach Groover. Mr. Groover is the veteran attorney who leads our Texas office. Zach, a longtime Texas resident, is a graduate of Baylor University and UT Austin.  A married father of four, he enjoys running and coaching youth sports in his free time. Watch the interview with Zach, and read the full Q&A below, where he explains how he came to Stutman Law and the Plano office’s role in serving our clients in and around Texas.

ATTORNEY SPOTLIGHT: Zach, thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us and sharing your insights for the Stutman Law Attorney Spotlight series! To get started, can you tell us how long you’ve been with Stutman Law and your role in the firm?

Zach Groover: My name is Zach Groover, and I have been working with Stutman Law since 2020. I run the Texas office of the firm. We’re located just north of Dallas, and our office provides a convenient home base for cases and claims that arise throughout the state.
Since I have been with Stutman, our Texas office has investigated several hundred losses per year, and we’ve taken the lead in litigating our clients’ subrogation cases in state and federal courts throughout Texas and the surrounding states.

AS: How did you get started practicing law?

ZG: I went to UT Austin for undergrad and then Baylor University for law school. Since graduating law school, I have been based out of the Dallas area. I found my niche in terms of my legal practice pretty early on, working in litigation and focusing on large property losses and subrogation claims. I have worked with insurers all over the country with respect to investigating and litigating property claims of virtually every kind.
Given my background, joining Stutman Law was a natural fit. Heading the Texas office of Stutman Law has allowed me to use the experience and skill set I’ve developed over the years in this specific and discrete area of law, property subrogation. I’m able to utilize the firm’s extensive, nationwide network of resources, and I can tap into the vast knowledge base of the attorneys and staff located all over the country, all while having my own presence in Texas and utilizing my experience working in Texas. That combination of my experience and local knowledge, paired with the firm’s resources, is really helpful in terms of our ability to quickly and thoroughly investigate and litigate losses that arise in this part of the country.

AS: How does early intervention lead to maximum recoveries?

ZG: Stutman Law has developed intensive processes for addressing losses as they come in. When a client contacts us about a fire, a building collapse – or any other kind of loss – we move fast to learn the facts, retain whatever experts are necessary, and visit the loss scene. We’re prepared to do whatever it takes to figure out what happened as quickly as possible. We always try to get boots on the ground while witnesses are still available and before any evidence has been disturbed, lost, or discarded.
We have a team in Texas ready to intake new losses and begin investigating them. We work hard to promptly get potential subrogation targets on notice and stay on top of things from the outset. Attention to detail and professionalism from day one makes clear to everyone involved that we know what we’re doing, and we’re going to work hard and work effectively on behalf of our clients. Sending that message from the very beginning is key to working up a good case and maximizing outcomes for our clients.
We always say that we treat every new loss as if it’s going to trial, and that really is true. Every time we receive a new loss referral, we investigate it thoroughly, document the scene, and go the extra mile to interview witnesses and carefully secure evidence, coordinate inspections, and communicate with everyone from fire officials, to insureds, to potential subrogation targets. We don’t cut corners, which shows when a loss ends in litigation, and we’re well prepared, having built the foundation of the case from Day 1.

AS: What types of cases do you handle, and how is the Texas office strategically located to maximize effectiveness in the southwest US?

ZG: We handle a little bit of everything out of the Texas office. We have new loss staff based here, and we’re prepared to jump in and investigate any kind of losses that clients refer. Our new loss team in Texas handles most of the large property losses received by Stutman Law that occur in Texas, which has amounted to upwards of 400 losses a year for the last few years.
In addition to new loss investigations, we also litigate large property subrogation cases and some of the firm’s mass tort cases. Our team here is hardworking and capable, and we’re well equipped to handle nearly every investigatory and litigation need that arises in and around Texas.

AS: Can you share a bit about where you’re from, how you grew up, and your family life?

ZG: I moved to Texas as a kid and have been here ever since. I am married with 4 children – an 11 year-old daughter, twin 9 year-old daughters, and a 5 year-old son. The kids keep my wife and I very busy at this point, but in my free time, I enjoy coaching youth sports and I like to run.  I have run several races over the years, including a marathon.

Thank you again to Mr. Groover for sharing your insights and experience in subrogation with us! Stay tuned for upcoming Attorney Spotlights with the experienced people who successfully handle some of the largest subrogation cases in the country.