Stutman Law Prevails at Trial and Recovers Over $700K for a 100% Recovery 

A residential fire caused substantial damage to a home and its contents in Saint Louis, Missouri, and Stutman Law’s client paid $722, 433.56 for property damage and alternative living expenses.  Stutman Law was engaged as part of its Early Intervention Program and hired fire investigators and electrical engineers who examined the home immediately after the fire.  After a protracted investigation, Stutman Law’s retained experts concluded that the fire had been caused by an electrical contractor who had negligently installed temporary wiring inside the home as part of a renovation project.  Based upon this evidence, Stutman Law joined a lawsuit with its client’s insured against the electrical contractor and convinced the contractor’s liability insurer to tender its liability insurance policy limits to settle all parties’ claims.  Thereafter, the client’s insureds alleged entitlement to all liability insurance proceeds for personal injuries sustained as a result of the fire.  Stutman Law then conducted extensive discovery regarding the parties’ respective damages and litigated the damages claim through trial during the COVID pandemic.  During trial, Daniel Hogan and Jon Acklen of Stutman Law presented its client’s damages along with the testimony of a medical toxicologist and cross-examined numerous opposing witnesses, including a competing medical expert.  Based upon their trial presentation, Messrs. Hogan and Acklen obtained a judgment which awarded Stutman Law’s client 100% of its damages.