Stutman Law Successfully Recovers Against Power Company For a Fire Loss Following Hurricane Florence

Stutman Law recently obtained a 6-figure pre-suit settlement from a North Carolina power company following a fire loss sustained at a residential home during Hurricane Florence. The power company initially argued that the cause of the fire was undetermined. However, immediately upon receipt of the assignment, Stutman Law commenced a thorough investigation, which included scene inspections with top experts, recorded interviews and an evidence examination. Stutman Law learned that the day prior to the fire, the client’s insured lost power during Hurricane Florence when a tree fell on power lines owned and maintained by the power company. The fallen tree split a utility pole in half, resulting in two transformers hanging upside down. On that same day, the client’s insured reported the fallen tree and power outage to the power company. Despite being notified that a tree had fallen onto its power lines, breaking the utility pole and disrupting the transformers, and without rectifying the known hazardous condition, the power company re-energized the circuit the following day. In doing so, the power company sent unregulated voltage into the insured’s home. Stutman Law aggressively pursued the power company and ultimately recovered a 6-figure settlement while avoiding the need for litigation. Remember, even if your loss occurs during a hurricane, there still may be a basis for a recovery. Take away–Always investigate every large loss!