Stutman Law’s Aggressive Legal Representation Gives Client Advantage Over Competing Claimants

Stutman Law’s client paid over $250,000 after its insured suffered damages following a fire in a large, multi-tenant commercial facility in Loveland, Colorado.   The fire occurred when one of the tenants, an RV dealer, removed the gas cap from an RV within the building, then utilized a heat gun to apply a decal to the vehicle.  Gas vapors ignited, resulting in a significant fire that spread to and damaged the business and property of multiple neighboring tenants.  A number of claimants sought reimbursement from the RV dealer, and the dealer was significantly under-insured with respect to amount of damages sought.  Stutman Law vigorously pursued the RV dealer, negotiated a tolling agreement to protect its client’s claims, then coordinated a global mediation.  Stutman Law’s hard work and legal strategizing paid off as we recovered over 80% of the client’s damages at mediation while most of the other claimants did not recover nearly as high of a percentage.