New Loss Team Scores Six-Figure Recovery Despite Lost Evidence

A Texas home insured by Stutman Law’s client was significantly damaged by water only a month after it was constructed. The incident was discovered when the homeowner observed water escaping through a wall in a closet on the home’s third floor. By the time the homeowner discovered the problem, water had already traveled down multiple floors and caused substantial damage throughout the home.

Stutman Law’s New Loss team immediately began an investigation into the cause of the water damage upon receipt of the file. Unfortunately, remediation contractors had already discarded critical evidence prior to Stutman Law’s involvement. Despite this challenge, our team pressed forward with the investigation and ultimately learned that a nail had pierced a hot water line during the course of the home’s construction, leading to a slow leak that went undetected for weeks. After obtaining significant photographic evidence and witness statements documenting the poor workmanship of the responsible construction contractors, the New Loss team recovered over 80% of the client’s total damages. The six-figure settlement was obtained despite numerous evidentiary hurdles and without the expense and delay of litigation.