Stutman Turns Storm Losses Into Settlements Through Aggressive Investigations

Stutman Law investigated a number of claims stemming from the failure of large commercial grain bins throughout the upper Midwest that occurred during the course of separate weather events. By investigating the individual failures and storm conditions, our team learned that these failures did not simply result from “acts of God.” Instead, our team, working closely with experts, determined the bins were plagued with a manufacturing defect that left them with almost no lateral support, especially when empty. Each bin contained bands that were strongest at the lowest levels of the bins, but got weaker toward the top of the bins. The manufacturer offered additional lateral support options to some customers, but failed to offer the additional support to the client’s insureds. As a result of the manufacturing defect, the upper levels of the bins crushed inward like tin cans when exposed to winds of 50-60 mph. Stutman Law litigated product defect claims against the manufacturer, who aggressively defended its products for several years. Stutman Law’s thorough investigation and analyses of the defect paid off when the claims were favorably resolved with a six-figure settlement before trial.