Webinar: Investigating & Pursuing Vehicle & Heavy Equipment Fires

We recently held a webinar focused on investigating and pursuing vehicle and heavy equipment fires. In the presentation, Kevin P. Smith of Stutman Law discusses the unique nuances you need to know regarding vehicle and heavy equipment fires, in order to identify and maximize subrogation recoveries. It’s important to note that vehicle and heavy equipment fires tend to offer a higher “hit rate” than structure fires, meaning they generally provide more opportunities to make recoveries. Knowing how to identify potential opportunities for subrogation in these cases and having a thorough understanding of the differences involved is invaluable for subrogation purposes.

Watch now to learn:
• How vehicle electrical fires differ from structure fires
• Common causes of vehicle and heavy equipment fires
• Utilizing NHTSA and recall information
• Practical subrogation considerations

Kevin P. Smith has been practicing law for 36 years, and has spent the last 22 years at Stutman Law focusing exclusively on subrogation cases. Today, Kevin is regarded as one of the top subrogation lawyers in the US and has significant experience in a number of property subrogation areas including solar energy, product liability, and vehicle and heavy equipment fires.

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