New Loss Team Scores Seven-Figure Pre-Suit Recovery Following Fire at Michigan Brewery

Stutman Law recently obtained a $1 million settlement for its insurance carrier client following a catastrophic fire at a brewery in New Holland, Michigan. A prompt investigation by the New Loss team, including multiple scene inspections and evidence examinations, revealed that the fire was caused by the negligent installation of heat tape around pipes in the brewery. After having problems with pipes freezing during cold weather, the brewery hired an electrician to install heat tape on three pipes which transported product from the brewery tanks to an assembly line in the manufacturing area. After the fire, Stutman Law’s investigators observed arcing on the heat tape and realized that the electrician had not installed the heat tape’s thermostat properly. This error led to the heat tape remaining constantly energized, and temperatures continued to increase until nearby combustibles ignited. Prompt investigative measures and aggressive pursuit of the heat tape installer enabled Stutman Law to obtain a favorable seven-figure settlement while avoiding the costs and delay associated with litigation.