Alert: Texas Power Outages – February 2021

Last week, large portions of Texas experienced extremely cold weather followed by widespread power outages. Many in the State have gone without heat. Countless pipes have frozen and burst, leading to catastrophic water damages. Accidental fires ignited when people tried various ways to create heat. In some cases, frozen sprinkler system components prevented the systems from extinguishing these fires. These events will result in tens of billions of dollars in insurance losses. As a subrogation-only law firm, Stutman Law has been at the forefront of analyzing liability for the outages and potential recovery avenues for our clients. Bob Stutman and Kevin Smith recently recorded a webinar addressing the causes of the outages and challenges insurers may encounter from a legal standpoint. Stutman Law has also prepared a White Paper covering these topics. To access these materials and get a glimpse into Stutman Law’s analysis of the legal issues facing subrogated insurers in the aftermath of the Texas power outage-related losses, please email