Stutman Law Recovers From Plumber AND Mitigation Company Following North Carolina Water Damage Incident

Stutman Law recently obtained a six-figure settlement from a negligent contractor and a mitigation company following a water damage incident at a North Carolina home. The settlement reimbursed Stutman Law’s client after a negligent plumbing contractor failed to properly install a faucet during a bathroom remodeling project at a home insured by the client. A ferrule on a PVC line attached to the bathroom faucet failed, permitting water to escape the line and damage the home. Thereafter, a mitigation company overdried the home’s hardwood floors during the remediation process, exacerbating the damages caused by the flooding. Stutman Law pursued both the plumbing contractor and the mitigation company for the damages stemming from the incident. Stutman Law’s aggressive investigation and subrogation effort resulted in a favorable pre-suit resolution for its client.