Texas Supreme Court Sides with Stutman Law in Product Liability Mass Action

On October 20, 2023, Stutman Law prevailed in a product liability mass action before the Texas Supreme Court. The matter, In Re LSP Products Group, Inc., Case No. 23-0052, required the Supreme Court to rule upon venue and joinder challenges lodged by the Defendant, LSP. Stutman Law prevailed, permitting pursuit of its clients’ claims together in one action. The numerous claims at issue each arose from a water damage incident caused by a common failure mode in a particular type of plumbing product manufactured and sold by the Defendant, LSP.

The claims were filed together in LSP’s home county of Dallas, Texas. However, LSP moved to sever the claims and have them transferred to the counties in which the various water damage incidents occurred. LSP repeatedly sought to sever and transfer the individual claims, first in the trial court and then at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. After failing in both of those courts, LSP filed a writ of mandamus to the Supreme Court of Texas to appeal the issue once more. For a third time, Stutman Law defeated LSP’s motion to sever. The claims will now proceed together in one consolidated action.