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Large Loss Property

As the largest subrogation-only firm in the United States, Stutman Law offers a dedicated team of attorneys, staff and experts who focus on nothing but major property losses. Over the past 25 years, Stutman Law has been involved in some of the largest property losses in the nation, including major wildfires, industrial disasters and large energy losses, including solar energy. With over two decades of large loss property subrogation experience, we’ve been able to develop a national network of highly knowledgeable investigative consultants and forensics experts who can respond to and analyze property loss sites at a moment’s notice. The faster we respond to your claim, the greater the potential recovery.

Uniquely Equipped to Handle the Largest Subrogation Cases

We’re not afraid to take on the biggest manufacturers in the world. Stutman Law’s large property subrogation loss team has successful trial experience against massive corporations and has even utilized strategies such as the “concert-of-action” theory to file suit against an entire industry.

We’ve handled thousands of losses in which our clients’ damages exceeded $1,000,000 and hundreds of losses over $50,000,000. That’s a level of experience that’s difficult to match in the subrogation industry.

Thorough Large Loss Property
Subrogation Investigations

Large loss property subrogation investigations need a thorough, organized structure to be effective. Over the years, we’ve carefully streamlined our process to ensure prompt and professional service, whether we’re working with a multi-million-dollar large loss property subrogation claim, or a group of small property loss subrogation claims that are combined into one or more lawsuits. Our extensive experience and dedication to subrogation mean we’re fully equipped to tackle any obstacle standing between you and the outcome you deserve.

Common challenges in large loss property subrogation cases include:

  • Made Whole Doctrine
  • Economic Loss Doctrine
  • Statutes of limitations Statutes of repose
  • Governmental liability
  • Subrogation waivers and exculpatory clauses
  • Landlord / tenant implied coinsured rules
  • Insured cooperation regarding subrogation efforts

As the largest subrogation-only firm in the US, Stutman Law leads the industry with creative, innovative and effective solutions to these problems.

The Subrogation-Only Difference

With an exclusive focus on subrogation, you can rest assured that we’re doing everything in our power to maximize your recovery. It’s in your best interest and ours! From large property losses to small property losses to mass torts and workers’ compensation claims, you can depend on us for honest and transparent service that puts your needs first. Contact us today to report a loss or to speak with an expert about your subrogation law needs.