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Stutman Law Holds General Contractor and Subcontractor Accountable for Damage Caused by Subcontractor’s Negligent Hot Work

Stutman Law’s clients provided insurance for a mulit-unit apartment building, which sustained significant
damage as a result of a fire.  Prior to the fire, the building owner had contracted with a general contractor
to complete various building renovations.  The general contractor then subcontracted with a welder to
assist on the project.  Stutman Law’s experts determined that the fire originated in an exterior stairwell
where the welder negligently completed welding work alongside the stairwell’s combustible wood
framing.   Stutman Law sued both the general contractor and subcontractor related to the welder’s
negligent hot work.   Stutman Law argued that the general contractor breached its contract for the
renovations, negligently hired the welder and failed to properly oversee the subcontractor’s work. 
Stutman Law’s experts also detailed the applicable codes and standards violated by the general
contractor and subcontractor.  After conducting several depositions to nail down liability with respect to
both defendants, Stutman Law ultimately settled the case for $425,000 following mediation.