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Stutman Law Wins After Combining Social Media Sleuthing with Traditional Investigatory Methods

Stutman Law’s client insured a hotel that had been damaged by a fire that originated in a mulch bed outside the building.  Stutman Law’s attorneys obtained a hotel manifest to identify the renters of the hotel rooms above the area of origin, then searched online for contact information for those individuals.  After the renters failed to respond to notice letters, Stutman Law utilized social media to research the renters and ultimately determined that they held themselves out as contractors. Stutman Law filed suit against the renters themselves along with their fictitiously named corporation.  Stutman Law also contacted insurance brokers in the town where the renters resided and eventually discovered the existence of a general liability policy covering the defendants.  All of the defendants denied smoking in the area where the fire originated, however Stutman Law refuted the defendants’ position by utilizing surveillance footage from the hotel to track the defendants’ movements in the time leading up to the fire.  Stutman Law obtained a $425,000 recovery for the client after utilizing this evidence at the defendants’ depositions.