Nationwide Recoveries

Do Not Take the Limited Policy and Run

A roofer with a torch caused a massive fire at a construction site in northern New Jersey, burning down several neighboring properties and causing millions of dollars in property damage.  The roofer had minimal insurance coverage that paled in comparison to the damages its negligence caused.  Many neighboring property owners who suffered damage wanted to accept the policy limits from the roofer’s liability insurer, splitting it amongst all of the damaged parties on a pro rata basis.   Stutman Law did not settle for less, but instead retained the foremost authority in the building consulting and general contracting industry to serve as an expert.  Stutman Law then filed suit against the general contractor of the construction site where the fire originated.  The general contractor had sufficient insurance coverage to pay the damages sustained by Stutman Law’s client.  Stutman Law’s aggressive litigation tactics and the use of the preeminent building consultant expert resulted in a significant six-figure settlement at mediation shortly after production of the expert’s report.