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Defendants Pay Stutman Law’s Client $2 Million Following Building Collapse; Continue to Litigate With Remaining Plaintiffs

Stutman Law resolved a building collapse claim for $2,000,000.00 after extensive litigation. The severe building collapse resulted in multiple casualties, including one fatality.

Upon receiving the claim, Stutman Law immediately commenced an investigation into the cause of the collapse. A team of investigators and attorneys spent days sorting through and examining the construction debris. Working with its experts, Stutman Law determined that a contractor who was working in the building had failed to adequately support the roof before attempting to replace a structural column. During the scene examination, hydraulic lifts that were used by the contractor and other valuable evidence were found in the debris. The investigation revealed, among other things, that these lifts were inadequate to support the weight of the roof.

After filing a lawsuit, thousands of documents were produced for review and numerous depositions were taken.  Stutman Law secured the multi-million dollar settlement prior to trial. The defendants only settled with Stutman Law’s client and chose to continue to litigate with all other plaintiffs.