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Careful Investigation “Persuades” Defendant to be Truthful

Contractors working outside of a Pennsylvania home struck a gas line near the drainage system for the property. The gas traveled through the drainage system and filled the entire property with gas. An explosion occurred destroying everything on the property when the gas came in contact with several ignition sources. The contractor who struck the gas line contacted the gas company who responded approximately thirty minutes after the gas line was struck. The gas company protocol required that they conduct a “perimeter test” to determine the presence of gas around the perimeter of the home. The gas company employee stated to several governmental authorities that he indeed conducted the perimeter test and did not detect gas. Stutman Law’s investigation revealed that if such a perimeter test had been conducted, the gas company would have detected the high amount of gas prior to the explosion. When confronted with the facts of the investigation during a deposition, the gas company employee admitted that he lied to the investigators when he stated that he found the presence of gas while conducting the perimeter test. Thereafter, the matter was amicably resolved for a substantial six-figure settlement.