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Attention to Barcode Details Leads to Six-Figure Settlement

Stutman Law’s client insured the owner of a residential property that sustained fire damage in early 2018.  Initially, it appeared that the fire had resulted from the insured’s improper maintenance of an old fireplace and chimney at the property.  However, Stutman Law’s investigation revealed that a roofing contractor had replaced a section of roof above the chimney a few years earlier, and in doing so, had covered the chimney with plywood.  Stutman Law aggressively pursued the roofing contractor for negligent construction work.  After the contractor denied replacing the specific section of roof above the chimney, Stutman Law, working with its origin and cause expert, recovered a barcode sticker from an undamaged section of plywood near the area of origin.  Using information from the barcode, Stutman Law was able to connect the roofing contractor to the subject plywood by showing that the plywood was manufactured just a few months before the roofing contractor completed its work at the property. Faced with this information, the roofing contractor agreed to a six-figure settlement.