Eastland Complex Wildfires

Starting on March 16, 2022, the Eastland Complex fire in Texas consisted of several fires, including Walling, Wheat Field, Kidd, Oak Mott, Blowing Basin, Mangum, and Cedar Mountain Fires in Eastland County near the towns of Carbon, Rising Star, Gorman and De Leon, Texas.  The fire consumed over 54,000 acres of land before it was contained, and it caused one death. The Walling Fire started on March 16th and has been attributed to fireworks.  The cause of the Wheat Field, Kidd, and Oak Mott Fires that started on March 17th and the Blowing Basin, Mangum, Cedar Mountain Fires that started on March 20th has not yet been determined. Stutman Law is monitoring the investigation for any potential subrogation recovery from the various local utility companies or other responsible parties.