Information Security and Data Privacy

At Stutman Law, your data security is our top priority. By choosing to work with us, you’re not just selecting a legal partner but a proactive, security-minded guardian of your data. We work closely with our security partners to maintain a full suite of data protection solutions. These measures allow us to work on your cases without interruption while minimizing the risk of compromising critical, confidential information.

Our security strategy incorporates the following:

Whitelisted Applications

We ensure that only trusted and approved software can run on our systems, adding a layer of protection to your data.

Staff Security Training

Our team undergoes regular training to identify and prevent potential security risks, acting as a first line of defense against cyber threats.

Change Management

We monitor all system changes, allowing us to identify and respond to any suspicious activity quickly.

Server Encryption

Our servers encrypt sensitive data, making it unreadable to unauthorized individuals and ensuring its safety.

Data Loss Prevention

We utilize advanced tools that prevent sensitive information from leaving our network, adding an extra layer of security to your data.

Intrusion Detection

Our systems are always vigilant for signs of unauthorized access or suspicious activity, protecting us from potential cyberattacks.

Multi-factor Authentication

We employ multiple methods to confirm the identity of our users, ensuring the security of access to our systems.

Network Monitoring

We constantly oversee our network for performance or security issues, allowing us to address any anomalies promptly.


Our advanced tools control and monitor network traffic, ensuring your data is safe from external threats.

Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Scans

Through regular simulated attacks and probes into our systems, we test our defenses and look for vulnerabilities, ensuring we’re prepared for cyber threats.

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