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Stutman Law Thwarts Cover-Up

After being notified that a renovation project at a 100+ year-old theater had resulted in the theater’s collapse, Stutman Law and its civil structural engineer reported to the loss scene immediately, on the same date that the collapse occurred.  Upon arrival, Stutman Law’s attorney and expert were prevented from entering the loss site by the theater renovation contractor.  From their view outside the perimeter fence, Stutman Law’s attorney and expert witnessed the contractor attempting to remediate the collapsed building prior to permitting any investigation by interested parties, thereby spoliating the scene and destroying evidence.  Instead of giving up on their investigation, Stutman Law’s attorney and expert gained access to neighboring buildings and documented the scene and the contractor’s actions from the rooftops.  Stutman Law’s attorney was ultimately able to stop the ongoing spoliation and gain access to the scene after confronting the renovation contractor’s legal counsel regarding the contractor’s improper actions.  Stutman Law’s expert was then able to document the contractor’s failure to properly brace and support a large brick wall during the course of the renovation work, which led to the collapse.  After a brief litigation with the contractor, Stutman Law obtained a significant six-figure settlement for its client.