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Defective Plastic Plumbing Part Yields Million Dollar Recovery

Stutman Law recovered over $1 million after establishing that a water treatment product had been improperly manufactured with incompatible chemical components.   This litigation was pursued by Stutman Law after a plastic elbow associated with a water treatment product catastrophically failed and flooded a multi-story condominium complex in the Philadelphia area.  Though the water treatment product had failed after only six months of service, the product’s manufacturer denied responsibility for the incident alleging the product had been damaged during installation.  After extensive discovery, Stutman Law established that the plastic elbow had been incorporated into the product with an incompatible thread lubricant known to cause environmental stress cracking.  Stutman Law also established that the fracture surfaces on the elbow had been initiated by chemical attack as opposed to external forces or installation error.  Faced with this irrefutable scientific evidence, the product manufacturer settled the case and paid in excess of $1 million for damages caused by its defective product.