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Reflecting on Recent Successes: Stutman Law Settles Over $40 Million in Large Loss Claims

Stutman Law Large Loss Settlements from Stutman Law on Vimeo.

Stutman Law’s position as the Large Loss leader in the subrogation industry has been repeatedly reaffirmed over the last 18 months. During that brief time period, and despite challenges involving shifting norms and procedures across every industry, including federal and state courts nationwide, our Large Loss Team scored 15 separate non-wildfire settlements for our clients of $1 million or more. These large loss settlements collectively added up to more than $40 million in recoveries. The facts of these catastrophic losses required a broad range of knowledge and experience on both liability-related and technical issues, on gas explosions; commercial kitchen fires; roof collapses and vehicle fires. Moreover, because the losses occurred all over the country, the pursuit of these subrogation claims required aggressive representation in numerous jurisdictions.

The lesson of the last 18 months could not be any clearer: Stutman Law is thoroughly equipped to investigate, pursue and litigate large subrogation losses, whatever they involve and wherever they occur.

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